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“Trauma fragments our memories into knots of trauma bound by the unconscious agreements we make to never experience that terrible thing again. But this is not permanent! Holding these knots in present time, we can release our contracts with warmth and resonance.”

~Sarah Peyton

Are Your Contracts Blocking You From Fully Living and Thriving? 

Even after reading and integrating the self-warmth tools of Your Resonant Self, sometimes there are times where we are simply unable to turn toward ourselves with kindness and warm curiosity. Why? Because of unconscious contracts, which are agreements we make as little people to help us, or those we love, stay safe.

When we have these agreements with ourselves— agreements we don’t even know about— to NOT be warm with ourselves; contracts to not like ourselves, to be indifferent, even to hate and be cruel to ourselves… when these contracts and stories are present, they turn to stone inside of us, preventing the emergence of the organic, growing self that is supposed to be the heart of everyone’s life journey.

I wrote the Your Resonant Self Workbook to support you to dive into the neuroscience of unconscious contracts, which are often the things that block us from integrating our full capacity for self-warmth outlined in Your Resonant Self. The workbook augments the first book, and takes the reader through brain circuitry and the deep, hidden reasons we sabotage ourselves, despite our best intentions and efforts.


What You Will Learn in the Workbook

How to identify and untangle unconscious contracts that block us from turning toward ourselves with warmth

How to recognize and work with intrusive memories, and how to integrate our contract-release work with time-traveling to rescue our younger selves.

How to identify unconscious contracts that block us from self-warmth and self-care, despite our best efforts, and how to work with these agreements to move into spacious self-love.

How shame becomes tangled up in our broken contracts, and how to work with self-disgust, self-hatred or shame that arises as we do our process work to release contracts.

An introduction to Jaak Panksepp’s mammalian circuits of emotion and motivation, and how to use this knowledge in our contract-release process 

How to recognize the difference between reassurance and resonance, and the neuroscience behind why reassurance doesn’t change brains (but resonnce does!)

The neuroscience of our “windows of welcome” and how we learn to limit our own life energy when we are young ones in ways that block us from fully inhabiting our power.

How to differentiate between FEAR-based anxiety and PANIC/GRIEF-based anxiety, and how knowing the difference allows us to release contracts around anxiety, alarmed aloneness and more.

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Your Resonant Self Workbook

“By bringing unconscious agreements we’ve made out of the body and into words through resonant language, we create the space to wonder, ‘Do I really still want to keep this agreement?’ When we release the contracts, our bodies can relax, and we can move into a larger, more compassionate sense of self. Learning to identify and release these agreements is what Your Resonant Self Workbook is about.”

~ Sarah Peyton

Are Unconscious Contracts Keeping You from Self-warmth?

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Learn How to Dissolve Unconscious Contracts with Resonance

When we have unconscious contracts, it doesn’t matter how many meditations we do to increase self-warmth, our contracts prevent us from full emergence. 

Download my Your Resonant Self Workbook guided meditations and the workbook’s introduction chapter to learn how to release contracts and stop self-sabotage!

The book’s introduction and guided meditations will help you learn the patterns of how to untangle and release contracts, clearing the way for even more self-warmth and freedom to live the life you long for.

The Your Resonant Self Workbook Extended Journey

Do you want to truly integrate resonance and unconscious contracts? Do you love this practice, but is it hard to do it alone? Join Sarah for a year-long deep-dive into this life-changing work.

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Learn How to Dissolve Unconscious Contracts with Resonance


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