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“There is nothing the world needs more than resonance, and there is nothing more abundant, if we only know how to find it. Resonance changes brains, heals trauma, and transforms the world.”

~ Sarah Peyton

A Ground-breaking Book about the Science of Resonance

One of the newest branches of brain research, relational neurobiology, shows that being met with warm understanding creates resilience, while being received with neutrality shortens our lifespans, and being received with contempt negatively impacts our immune systems and harms our neural connections, making self-compassion and self-acceptance nearly impossible.

While much of this exciting research is still buried in complicated academic papers, neuroscience educator Sarah Peyton’s first book, Your Resonant Self: Guided Meditations and Exercises to Engage Your Brain’s Capacity for Healing offers a layperson’s tour of the relational brain and unveils a pathway to healing from the scars of neglect, cruel words and other traumatic childhood experiences. Your Resonant Self translates the latest research into how our brains affect one another into a clear, accessible and usable blueprint to awaken our capacity for self-love and well-being.

What You Will Learn in Your Resonant Self

Why trauma and unaccompanied emotional distress leads to a critical inner voice, and how to use empathy, language and neuroplasticity to transform inner-criticism into kindness.

How to meet our inner critics with kindness by seeing their desire to contribute to our safety, belonging and mattering.

Why adverse childhood experiences can lead to a persistent feeling of hypervigilance, anxiety or terror, and how to create safety and a sense of “home” within ourselves.

Why we become addicted to substances and activities, and how to use empathy to provide gentleness for our nervous system so that we can relax and have more choice.

Your brain is capable of healing and change regardless of age, genetic predisposition or adverse childhood experiences.

Why depression happens, and how to use empathy and inner accompaniment to find richness and create meaning in our lives.

Why the pain in our past sometimes hijacks the present, and how to transform persistent patterns of reactivity to find balance and emotional self-regulation and resilience.

How to meet suicidality, dissociation and rage with gentleness by honoring the wise and protective origin of these challenging emotional states, and how to transform those states by developing our Resonating Self Witness

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“Sarah Peyton’s guided meditations actually change our brain and our feelings about ourselves. Based on the findings of neuroscience and how the brain behaves, we experience the creation of self warmth toward ourselves, call back our dissociated parts and learn to hold our pain with tenderness. This is a superb book.”

~ Karen Carnabucci, LCSW, TEP, Psychotherapist, Author

Your Resonant Self Book

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Developing Your Resonant Self, One Meditation at a Time

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Developing Your Resonant Self, One Meditation at a Time


Language is the starting point for the movement towards self-warmth.

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