I’m so happy you landed here!

These guided meditations are an invitation to move slowly and with kindness into your inner world. I hope they serve you to develop a compassionate relationship with your inner voice as an entryway to the path of healing.

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Welcome to Your Resonant Self

Meditation 1.1: Breathing

Meditation 2.1: One Cell

Meditation 3.1: Finding the Resonating Self-Witness

Meditation 4.1: Empathy for the Inner Critic

Meditation 5.1: The Prenatal Self

Meditation 6.1: The Time Travel Process

Meditation 7.1: Posthearsals

Meditation 8.1: Finding Your Safe Place

Meditation 9.1: Inviting the Dissociated Self to Come Home

Meditation 10.1: Attachment in Community

Meditation 11.1: Transforming One of the Savage DMN’s Stories

Meditation 11.2: Expanding the Window of Welcome for Emotion

Meditation 12.1: Working With Depression Connected With a Savage DMN

Meditation 12.2: Gently Holding Depression Connected With Lifelong Loneliness

Meditation 13.1: Holding a Craving With Gentleness and Open Curiosity

Meditation 14.1: Meditation to Support Joy Deepening Your Resonant Self

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